• Demonstration clip "Program for integrated analysis of magnetoencefalography data and magnetic resonance images" (8,76Mb)

  • Fractan 4.4. Software for fractal analysis of time series: calculation of the correlation dimension, correlation entropy and Hurst exponent. Model data: Van der Pole generator, Henon attractor, Lorenz attractor, Rossler attractor, gaussian noise, fractional Brownian motion, Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function. Saving plotted graphs in bmp format. Note: the homepage and readme file are in Russian but the program interface is English. (464Kb)

  • Software for autowave simulation
    • VR. Program simulates excitable medium by means of cell automata (Wiener-Rosenblueth (260 Kb)
    • AWM. Program simulates autowave propagation in 1D and 2D active media, discribed by reaction-diffusion equations. FitzHugh-Nagumo, Aliev-Panfilov, Zeeman, Hodgkin-Huxley, CO oxidation on Pt models are supported in this version. Any new model may be added. There are some tools for measurement of wave parameters. Program control is in two ways: through graphic user interface or through script files in special language. Interface languages are Russian (default) and English. Program archive contains detailed description (in Russian) and examples of script files. In the current version 1.3 some errors were corrected and new features were added. (522 Kb)