Laboratory of Macromolecular Crystallography

Some publications by S.E.Vernoslov

At 2003, January 01

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Papers in journals

  • Vazina, A.A., Korystova, A.F., Shelestov, V.M., Vernoslov, S.E., Lunin V.Yu., Kozlov M.A. & Kraizman, V.L. (1985). "Investigation of the structure of calmoduline metal-binding centers by EXAFS-spectroscopy". Mol.Biol.(USSR), 19, 6, 1643-1647. (In Russian)

  • Vazina, A.A., Koristova, A.F., Shelestov, V.M., Vernoslov, S.E., Lunin V.Yu , Kozlov M.A. & Kraisman, V.L.. (1984). "Investigation of Ca2+-binding centers of parvalbumine by distant fine structure of X-ray absorption spectra". Mol.Biol.(USSR), 18, 3, 681-684. (In Russian)

Papers in digest

  • Vazina, A.A., Korystova, A.F., Shelestov, V.M., Vernoslov, S.E., Kozlov M.A., Kraizman, V.L. & Lunin V.Yu. (1984). "The study of metal-binding sites in troponine, calmoduline and parvalbumine with the use of EXAFS spectra". IV USSR Meeting on the use of synchrotron sources, Novosibirsk 1984, Proceedings, 250-254. (In Russian)

Preprints & Software

  • Vernoslov, S.E. & Lunin, V.Yu. (1982). "Some algorithmic aspects of the treatment of EXAFS spectra". Preprint, NCBI AN SSSR, Pushchino, Russia. (In Russian)


  • Vazina, A.A., Kozlov M.A., Korystova, A.F., Kraizman, V.L., Shelestov, V.M., Vernoslov, S.E. & Lunin V.Yu. (1982). "Methodological aspects of using EXAFS for protein structure determination". The First All-Union Congress on Biophysics, Moscow 1982, Coll.Abstr., III, 215. (In Russian)

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