Laboratory of Macromolecular Crystallography

Publications by M.E.Ivanov

At 2003, January 01

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Papers in digests

Ivanov, M.E. & Urzhumtsev, A.G. (1995). "FROG PC - a menu-based environment for atomic model refinement program on a personal computer". Joint CCP4 and ESF-EACBM Newsletter on Protein Crystallography, 31, 20-22.


Ivanov, M.E., Petrova, T.E. & Lunin, V.Yu. (1997). "The approximation of a prior distribution of atomic coordinates in macromolecular crystals by the gradient of the likelihood function". National conference on the use of X-ray, synchrotron radiations, neutrons and electrons in material studies, Dubna, 25-29 May 1997, 218. (In Russian)

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