Laboratory of Macromolecular Crystallography

Ludmila M. Urzhumtseva

Date and place of birth: 15 August 1955,Teplaya Gora, Perm reg.


1973-1978 - Perm' State University, Department of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
1977-1978 - stage in Research Computer Centre of the Moscow State University

Positions in IMPB RAN (NIVC AN SSSR)):

1982 - 1994 - engineer-programmer

Research interests:

  • Software development,
  • Mathematical modelling in crystallography.

Projects participation:

Projects details

  • The development of crystallographic software.
  • The development of an ab-initio procedure for solution of the crystallographic phase problem starting from the low resolution.
  • The determination of structures of biological macromolecules.


26 publications in crystallography including 12 full articles.

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