Laboratory of Macromolecular Crystallography

19th European Crystallographic Meeting, Nancy, France, 2000

Speakers of the session "Phasing and structure solution": E.Blanc, K.E.McAuley, E.Weckert, K.M.Andersson (first row), V.Y.Lunin, D.Kostrewa, A.Urzhumtsev(second row, from left to right)
V.Y.Lunin, the chair of the session "Phasing and structure solution"
Speakers of the session "Direct methods, MAD and experimental data": H.Stuhrmann, V.Kaucic, J.R.Helliwell, N.Lunina, J.A.Cowan (from left to right)
At the poster: V.Lunin, P.Main, A.Podjarny (from left to right)
Welcome party. A.Vagin, V.Y.Lunin, V.Samygina (from left to right)
Poster session is over. N.Lunina, V.Y.Lunin, V.V.Lunin (from left to right)
V.Y.Lunin at the satellite-meeting, Bishenberg
Banquet. Russian participations sing "Podmoskovnye vechera"