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Группа компьютерного моделирования наноструктур и биосистем

Multifunctional percolated nanostructured ceramics fabricated from hydroxylapatyte

European Commission Project NMP3-CT-2003-504937

First year results of the Project

The project will develop a percolated nanostructured electrically polarized ceramics (CER) fabricated from hydroxylapatite (HAP) to improve quality of bone eligible bioimplants, work out new material for immobilization of microorganisms for their further use to product of various biologically active compounds (BAC) and purify the environment. A surface of CER will provide a relevant biological – non-biological interface to adhere cells/microorganisms.

A surface morphology of CER will be supplied at a nano scale eligible for a cell receptor "tail" size and will be "packed" from HAP nanoparticles. The CER surface will be charged and supplied with a web of the canals. Engineering support employing knowledge acquired from computational physics research on charging and adhesion/cohesion by HAP nanoparticles will be provided.

To meet CER applications the project is focused to: investigation of yeast cell physiology in biofilms immobilised in novel matrices; immobilization of bacterial cells and yeasts for the purification of the environment, bioremediation and industrial biotechnological processes; working out of active dry preparations of immobilized microorganisms; fabrication of bone eligible implants.

The results are planned to implement in industry, medicine, environment and biotechnologies. New benefits in safety of environment, health and biotechnologies will be challenged.

Professionals from computational and material physics, chemistry, engineering of materials and their characterization, microbiology, biotechnology, wastewater treatment, orthopaedics and industries will be involved on a multidisciplinary approach and a critical mass of the project. A sustainable development at relevant industries and research will spurt. The project partners’ cooperation will become stronger and reach European networking scale to strengthen and integrate the European Research Area.

Project Coordinator: Prof. Yuri Dekhtyar

Address: Riga Technical University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnologies (BINI) Kalku str. 1, Riga, LV-1658, Latvia
Phone: +371 7089422
Fax: +371 7089383
e-mail: dekhtyar@latnet.lv
www-page: www.bimi.vip.lv

Project sub-coordinator (Microbiology module): Prof. Alexander Rapoport

Address: Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Latvia
Kronvalda blvd. 4, Riga LV-1586, Latvia
Phone: +371 703 4891
Fax: +371 722 7925
e-mail: rapoport@latnet.lv
www-page: www.lu.lv/jauna/strukt/mbi